Rishima tweak adds new iOS 13 volume indicator to devices with iOS 12

In iOS 13, Apple has finally added a new volume indicator that everyone has been waiting for. Now this comfortable

the indicator can be added to devices with iOS 11 and iOS 12 using the new jailbreak tweak Rishima.

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Although the developer used part of the iOS 13 code, there is one caveat. The volume indicator in iOS 13 becomes smaller when you change the volume, and this jailbreak tweak does not work like that.

Tweak also does not support gestures that allowchange the volume with swipes on the screen. Since this is still a beta version of the tweak, there are several problems. Fortunately, the developer is working on their solutions. In the future, animation will be finalized, it will be possible to change the ringer volume, and also narrowing the indicator when changing the volume.

Rishima jailbreak tweak can be downloaded for free from the Packix repository.