Robot chef 3D printed chicken and fried it with a laser

A team from Digital Food, led by a professor from Rolumbia University, is developing

a completely autonomous personal chef.

She will create food and cook on her ownher: you just need to set the recipe and choose the time at which the dish should be ready. The authors have not yet completed their development, they are testing different types of food that will need to be boiled, fried and cut in a specific sequence.

Researchers have explored various waysCooking: They irradiated chicken with a laser and compared this to a typical cooking method for that meat. The chicken samples were printed by the authors and evaluated for a number of parameters, in particular, the depth of cooking, color change, moisture retention and the difference in taste between meat cooked with a laser or on a stove.

They found that meat cooked withusing a laser tastes similar to what we usually cook at home. Now the authors are engaged in adapting their system for ordinary people, not programmers and developers. So that they can create the products they want.

The researchers said that someday people will start sharing their digital recipes, like now sending friends the song they like.

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