Robot dogs dance to K-pop for World's Fair bid

Boston Dynamics released a video of seven Spot robots dancing to Permission to Dance by a Korean

pop group BTS, which also includes sevenparticipants. The video was created for BTS' Yet to Come charity concert, held in support of South Korea's bid for the 2030 World Expo.

The robots in the video perform various dancemovements, while the performers in the background remind that "we don't need permission to dance." In addition to the robot dog Spot, the humanoid robot Atlas, developed by Boston Dynamics, also appears in the dance.

Dance of the robots. Video: Boston Dynamics

The company's website says that the robot dogwill serve as an incredible tool to keep people safe and enrich their lives. Mobile robots can bring great benefits to humanity, the company notes. In the meantime, to demonstrate their capabilities, precision of movement and agility, they perform gymnastic exercises and dance moves.

Boston Dynamics robots can not only dance,doing gymnastics and running, but also participating in daily activities such as opening doors and lifting objects. Robots have come a long way in the last few years. Each video performance is more innovative and spectacular than the last.

Boston Dynamics is well known for itsviral videos showing her robots doing amazing things. But, to their credit, the company also does not hesitate to talk about the difficulties they face. For example, last year she posted a video in which the robot failed to complete the planned stunts.

The failures of the Atlas robot. Video: Boston Dynamics

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