Robotaxi will be launched in Shanghai

Didi Chuxing will launch an autonomous taxi in Shanghai, say a Chinese taxi company.

Local Administration

Shanghai recently allowed Didi to test autonomous cars on public roads in an area of Shanghai.The company also says that it plans to expand the network of unmanned taxis.

What kind of cars will be?

Didi said that they will launch 30 different models of cars with a 4-m level of autonomy, that is, requiring no human intervention.

How to use?

Customers will be able to use the Didi app to call Robotaxi. However, in most cases, people will be driving the cars. The company plans to make trips on such cars free of charge.

Didi company in 2016 received $ 1 billion from Apple for development, and at the same time began to attract engineers from Silicon Valley to work on an autonomous taxi program.