Robots taught to dispose of obsolete ammunition. They have already dismantled 700 thousand shells

The disposal of obsolete or unexploded ordnance has been a major problem since the invention.

gunpowder. Until recently, shells blew up, burned or buried at the landfill, and also tried to dump into the sea. None of these methods was perfect - each of them was a potential hazard to humans or the environment.

In order to simplify and secure the processthe disposal of ammunition, scientists from the funded US Department of Defense SNL project developed a robotic system capable of dismantling shells and cartridges. The robots are controlled by a human operator, but the devices can detect damage on ammunition using computer vision and warn the operator of the danger.

Authors-developers note that in the systemCommercial robot manipulators optimized for specific tasks were used. In addition to the dismantling of ammunition, robots are able to sort different types of metal into categories, noted in the SNL.

Previously, engineers from the Far Eastern FederalUniversity (FEFU) have developed a system of intelligent control of robots and industrial manipulators, which will allow devices to understand their size and increase the accuracy of their movements.