Robots were taught to help each other and people in difficult situations

Despite the active development of artificial intelligence in the past few years, scientists continue to

to reach ever new heights in this direction.

So, for example, it became known that the groupresearchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an innovative mathematical model. It is planned that with its help robots will learn basic social skills, which in turn will improve the relationship between humans and machines.

While testing the model, the scientists set up a simulation on a two-dimensional grid. In it, robots had to fulfill physical and social goals.

As a result of the experiment, the researchers identified threetypes of robots: those who pursue only physical goals; those who can "think" both physically and socially, but think that all other robots act out of physical motives; and those who, on the contrary, imply that other robots are also capable of social relationships.

It is expected that empowering robots with the ability to achieve social goals will also help in the study of human problems, including autism.

Source: MIT