Rocket Lab will start producing its own universal satellites

Now Rocket Lab launches only satellites developed by other companies. Now she decided to change

development direction and develop a platform for creating universal satellites. They will not be developed according to unique customer requirements, but according to template models.

In addition, the Rocket Lab platform for satellites will allow not only to develop them, but also to place customers' equipment on it.

The Rocket Lab platform allows you to use equipment weighing up to 170 kg. Energy consumption of this equipment should not exceed 1 kW, which will be provided by solar panels.

The Rocket Lab platform can not only bring satellites into orbit, but also be responsible for their operation during a mission. The platform resource is about five years.

Rocket Lab recently held the first successfulcommercial launch of its ultra-light rocket Electron. According to Rocket Lab, customers have already booked all scheduled launches by the end of 2019. At the same time, the capabilities of the site allow us to release one rocket once every three days, but for now the company intends to reach the level of one Electron per month.