Rootfs for iOS 12 can be mounted, there is hope for iOS 12 jailbreak with Cydia

Users with iOS 12.0-12.1.2 now have two options: 1) use jailbreak rootlessJB 3.0 without Cydia; or 2) wait

Released a full jailbreak with Cydia. Fortunately, those who chose the second option, it remains to wait long.

Hackers @MiscMisty and @ Lakr223 have published evidence
rootfs for iOS 12.x. They also announced plans
publish it publicly.

If you didn't know, mounting is important.aspect to develop a jailbreak with Cydia support. The output of the mount will greatly help the developers to create a full-fledged jailbreak with Cydia for iOS 12. It remains only to find a CoreTrust bypass.

rootlessJB 3.0
will remain jailbreak without root access and will not support Cydia, despite
on these events.

Fortunately, jailbreak developer unc0ver became interested in the situation. He wrote that he successfully mounted the root file system in iOS 12 with read and write permissions.

Pwn20wnd also promised to release an unc0ver tool update with experimental support for iOS 12.

This is great news for jailbreak lovers, and now
we have to wait just a little longer. Hope to be available soon.
full jailbreak iOS
12 with Cydia support.