Roscosmos will develop a spacecraft to send animals to the moon

The new development, according to the documentation, will help to conduct biomedical research of joint

the influence of interplanetary flight factors on living organisms.

Analysis of problematic issues and prospectsthe use of the new-generation space complex "Vozvrat-MKA-L" with a reentry vehicle for the delivery of animals and other biological objects to the vicinity of the Moon (L1 Lagrange point) and the conduct of biomedical studies of the combined effect of interplanetary flight factors on living organisms in experiments with animals and others bioobjects.

Document text

The complex called "Return-MKA-L" must deliver animals to the Lagrange point in the vicinity of the moon, and then return them to Earth.

The work must be completed by November 15, 2022, and by November 15, 2023, the design appearance of the spacecraft should already be determined. The timing of the launch of the device is not reported.

Other devices, already being developed by order of Roskosmos, are supposed to deliver mice, lizards, insects, plants and bacteria into space and back.

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