Rosguard received drones with a stun gun and a blinding laser

A drone weighing a little less than 1 kg will be able to use a special blinding device to

Based on lasers or LEDs lead to temporary blindness of a person. In this case, the developers believe that it will not harm health.

In addition, the drone is equipped with a camera, loudspeaker, siren and thermal imager. The cost of one device is not disclosed.

A terrorist, a criminal or an opponent can be neutralized even in a shelter or through a window pane.

General Director of NGO SM Yuri Klenov

Probably, the drone can be used to monitorvisiting prohibited places, as well as in cities and in mountainous terrain. It is unclear whether these devices will be used during the dispersal of rallies or in military operations.

Recently, a group of State Duma deputies has developeddraft law regulating the use of drones and UAVs over a place of mass events. The bill gives the Rosguards, the FSO and the FSB the ability to temporarily prohibit the flights of drones over the venue of public events. In addition, the police will be able to "stop unauthorized UAVs in airspace, including by destroying and damaging such vessels, suppressing or converting remote control signals".