Roskomnadzor demanded from social networks to remove calls to go to the rally

Roskomnadzor demanded that social networks remove calls to go to the rally. Relevant notice

the department sent to the guides of social networks VKontakte and TikTok.

As a reminder, on January 20 on social networksVKontakte and TikTok began distributing videos with calls to take part in rallies. Roskomnadzor considered such content “aimed at involving minors in committing illegal actions” and demanded that social networks remove the video calling to participate in rallies.

”We ask that you immediately accept the comprehensivemeasures to prevent the dissemination of such illegal information on the TikTok platform, ”reads the appeal published on the official website of Roskomnadzor.

Among other things, representatives of Roskomnadzor noted that not only VKontakte and TikTok should restrict the dissemination of such information, but also all other social networks, information resources and the media.