Roskomnadzor has blocked six popular VPN services

Roskomnadzor blocked six VPN services that violated the requirements of Russian law.

In the blocked list:

  • Hola VPN,
  • Express VPN,
  • KeepSolid VPN Unlimited,
  • Nord VPN,
  • Speedify VPN,
  • IPVanish VPN.

Roskomnadzor representatives explained that all theseservices create conditions for illegal activities, including those related to the distribution of drugs, child pornography, extremism, and so on.

But the department has "white lists" of resources,which are technically necessary for the uninterrupted operation of software and applications that do not violate the law. Earlier, the regulator asked enterprises and organizations that use these services to inform the Monitoring Center for Communication Networks Management.

In mid-July 2021, Roskomnadzor restricted the use of VPN services VyprVPN and Opera VPN. As a result, Opera has suspended support for its VPN service in Russia.

To learn more about how Roskomnadzor blocks VPN and how this will affect users, follow the link.

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