Roskomnadzor: Twitter is ready to remove and block illegal content

According to the ministry, they met with representatives of the social network Twitter, and on their initiative. 13

May, they, together with the leadership of Roskomnadzor, discussed the conditions for fulfilling the requirements for the removal of content prohibited in Russia.

The department said that the social networkready to “take priority” to remove prohibited content. This happened after the measures taken after March 10, that is, after limiting the speed of the service.

“After the measures taken on March 10 to restrictthe speed of the service, the administration of the social network expressed its readiness, as a matter of priority, to remove or block illegal information revealed by Roskomnadzor (child pornography, messages with narcotic and suicidal content, other, including extremist, materials). After the expiration of May 15 (the period allotted to the social network for the removal of prohibited information), a check will be carried out and a decision will be made to extend the current or take other measures "

Roskomnadzor website

Roskomnadzor also noted that after May 15they will review and decide if the Twitter blocking or other measures need to be extended. By this date, the social network must remove all illegal content.

March 10 Roskomnadzor slowed down the speed of workTwitter on all mobile and half stationary devices. The agency was not satisfied that the platform, according to their experts, contains calls to violence, suicide, child pornography and information about drugs. Roskomnadzor said that the service is threatened with blocking.

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