Roskomnadzor will test the implementation of the law on isolation of the Russian segment of the Internet

The State Duma on Tuesday, February 13, adopted in the first reading a bill on isolating the Russian segment

Internet.Its implementation will require at least 20 billion rubles, mainly to create an infrastructure that allows the Runet to operate in complete isolation from the global Internet, regardless of the reasons for the shutdown - external or internal.

100% will be (pilot tests in the framework of the implementation of this law), and we will do them with telecom operators. There is no law yet.

Head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov

In case the document is accepted, the Centermonitoring and management of the public telecommunications network as part of the radio frequency service will be part of Roskomnadzor, after which it will install “anti-threat tools” on the communication network, but it is still not clear how the authorities intend to implement this item. In addition, the agency will monitor all routing, create a registry of traffic exchange points, and also collect data from companies that organize the work of the Internet in Russia. These items are going to test Roskomnadzor.

All necessary for the execution of the billequipment for telecom operators, according to the bill, will be provided by the state. By the second hearing in the State Duma, amendments will be made to the document that will allow operators not to comply with the law if the state does not provide all the necessary equipment.