Routers are under the threat of a new virus

The hacker group spent almost two years infecting a wide range of routers in North America and

Europe with malware that takes full control of connected devices running Windows, macOS and Linux, the researchers said. Discuss

Researchers at Black Lotus LabsLumen Technologies said they identified at least 80 targets infected with stealth malware that infects routers from Cisco, Netgear, Asus and DayTek. Named ZuoRAT, the remote access trojan is part of a broader hacking campaign that has been around since at least the fourth quarter of 2020 and is still going strong.

Its ability to enumerate all devices,connected to an infected router, collecting data about the DNS and network traffic they send and receive, while remaining undetected are the hallmarks of this threat.

Black Lotus Labs stated thatThe command and control infrastructure used in the campaign is deliberately complicated in an attempt to hide what's going on. One set of infrastructure is used to manage infected routers, while the other is for connected devices if they are subsequently infected.