Rover for the first time will turn on music on Mars. Users will be able to make his tracklist!

The ExoMars project of the European Space Agency and Roscosoms consists of two main parts -

the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) probe and the Rosalind Franklin rover. The first was sent by the Proton rocket to Mars in 2021, and the second will be sent in 2021.

Rosalind Franklin rover will be installedRussian platform for landing on Mars "Kazachok", where they plan to put MAIGRET - an ultra-sensitive microphone that can pick up thunder sounds from Martian lightning.

Instead of using a random set of waves for this, we decided to record a set of short sound clips on a chip and thereby attract the attention of the public to our project.

Ondrey Santolik, MAIGRET Scientific Advisor

As part of the first concert on Mars, scientists will choose11 audio recordings that will appeal to users on the project website. After the first vote, planetologists will record the most popular tracks on board MAIGRET, and the second vote will take place during the flight of the apparatus to Mars - then users will have to choose one record, which will be played on Mars.

Create an audio recording that can be played.on Mars, can anyone. The only limit is its length - no more than 30 seconds. There are already several hundred audio recordings on the project site, including Stephen Hawking’s speeches, Interstellar soundtrack and sounds of earthly nature.