Royole FlexPai: a pioneer in the foldable smartphone segment

From where did not wait, as they say. While users and experts excitedly discussed the projects of companies leaders

mobile market, have made assumptions who ofThey will be the first to introduce a commercially flexible or folding smartphone, Samsung or Xiaomi, a little-known manufacturer has already begun to accept orders.

What was expected

It is noteworthy that even according to tests in benchmarks andmany thought that this would be a Chinese company, Xiaomi, and that its product would be equipped with a new Snapdragon 855 processor, it turned out that none of the leaders were ready to put the finished product. But FlexPai did it, and just on the newest chipset from the Qualcomm chip maker. At the moment, a flexible smartphone or a folding Royole FlexPai can be purchased in the Middle Kingdom and in the States, its cost is $ 1,320. But how good is it, did the company not hurry to stake out the title of the pioneer in this segment?

What showed

At the exhibition, where he was represented, it was possiblefeel and try. Media representatives, assessing its quality, immediately noted that the device turned out to be extremely unassembled and unfinished. The main disadvantages, according to users, in this smartphone is the software development, since even the basic functions were constantly lagging and did not work. When folding and unfolding the smartphone, the restructuring of the interface strongly slowed down, and sometimes everything just hung. In addition, the smartphone received a fairly low-quality screen with a fuzzy image, and the quality of the camera was akin to ultrabudgetaries.

Within forty minutes of using a smartphone,He hung all the time, but that's not all, during which time divorces and stripes, darkened areas appeared on the screen, and saturation was like that of ancient children's tablets. Previously, these diseases were observed in the first generation of AMOLED-matrices. When the smartphone develops, the essential part of the useful area of ​​the display vanishes. This is not surprising, because the curvature at the bend is simply huge.

Unfolded smartphone is comparable in size to7.8-inch tablet, the resolution of the matrix is ​​1920x1440, which is normal for a standard tablet. Folded on a smartphone is a little like, rather, a large wallet.

Royole FlexPai for Europe in version 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabyte drive costs 1,540 EUR.

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