RTX 3070 graphics performance compared to thin, medium and thick laptops

LOW FPS Gaming tested the performance of the RTX 3070 graphics accelerator in three laptops with different values

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Recall that the TDP of the video card depends on itsperformance. That is, the higher this index, the better performance in games the video card will show. An expert from the LOW FPS Gaming channel tested the RTX 3070 graphics accelerator with TDP values ​​of 85W, 100W and 140W (Asus Tuf Dash F15, Acer Predator Helios 300, Lenovo Legion 5 Pro laptops) in 10 games. Projects include Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2, Call Of Duty Warzone, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, GTA V, Battlefield V, Metro Exodus, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Rainbow Six Siege, Borderlands 3. All games ran at 1080p.

AT Cyberpunk 2077 the difference between the average performance perultra settings at TDP 85 W and 140 W turned out to be quite noticeable: these are 60 fps and 83 fps (at 100 W - 79 fps). In rare events, the values ​​were 51 fps, 68 fps, and 70 fps, respectively (85, 100, and 140 W).

With the same graphics settings, the project Red dead redemption 2 went very badly in all three cases. The average number of frames was 27 fps, 34.3 fps, and 35.8 fps, and in rare events these values ​​dropped to 23 fps, 28 fps, and 29 fps.

But in Call of duty warzone performance was on top.Even at 85 W, it averaged 91 fps (at 100 W - 123 fps, at 140 W - 131 fps). In rare events, it was in all cases higher than 60 fps: 62 fps, 93 fps and 99 fps.

The game launched at the Cyberpunk 2077 level Assassin's creed valhalla at ultra high settings. On average, the performance of video cards here was 60 fps, 71 fps and 76 fps, and in rare events the results were 43 fps, 50 fps and 56 fps, respectively.

When setting the maximum graphics parameters Gta v went about like the previous project: the average performance of video cards in it was 65 fps, 76 fps and 80 fps. In rare events, the values ​​decreased to 47 fps, 58 fps and 63 fps.

AT Battlefield v playing was also quite comfortable. The average number of frames here was 107 fps, 121 fps and 141 fps, and in rare events the performance was more than 70 fps: 72 fps, 87 fps and 98 fps.

"Extreme" -settings allowed to pass Metro exodus only when the average speed is above 30 fps: 35 fps, 46 fps, 49 fps. In rare events, the number of frames was as follows: 26 fps, 34 fps and 36 fps.

At the highest graphics settings Shadow of the tomb raider ran on laptops with an average performance of 76 fps, 100 fps and 109 fps. In rare events, these values ​​decreased to 62 fps, 84 fps, 89 fps, but in any case, the game was still smooth.

The best results in terms of performance were demonstrated by the RTX 3070 in Rainbow six siege, where the average number of frames was 186 fps, 245 fps and 264 fps, and in rare events - 122 fps, 182 fps and 197 fps.

Completed testing the project Borderlands 3running with low settings. The average performance in all three cases remained above 60 fps (67 fps, 81 fps, 90 fps), but in rare events it dropped to 49 fps, 63 fps and 66 fps. with.

Source: LOW FPS Gaming