RTX 3080 manufacturers failed to ship 90% of video cards to stores

Not the most pleasant things are happening with new NVIDIA graphics cards. There is a shortage in the market, and buy a new product

now - great luck. Danish retailer Proshop has provided information on how many RTX 30 series graphics cards manufacturers have provided. As it turned out, very few orders were fulfilled. And this situation is clearly observed not only in Proshop.

The Danish store received only 344 video cardsGeForce RTX 3080, although I ordered 3435 pieces. That is, manufacturers were unable to deliver 90% of orders. The video cards received by the store most likely have already been sold to customers. As for the GeForce RTX 3090 model, Proshop received 78 of the 283 ordered - slightly better, but also a shortage. Of course, Proshop is not unique in this situation.

As noted by the authors of the profile resource Videocardz, the chances of buying GeForce RTX 30 series video cards are close to zero.