Rumor: all smartphones of the iPhone 13 line, including inexpensive ones, will receive a stabilization system with a sensor shift

DigiTimes, citing supply chain sources, reveals new details about smartphone cameras

iPhone 13 line.

What to expect

According to rumors, all models, even the inexpensive iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini (if there is one, of course), will receive a matrix shift stabilization system. Now only the iPhone 12 Pro Max can boast of this.

Recall that with matrix stabilization forto compensate for hand movements, the matrix itself moves. This requires tiny voice coil motors that provide autofocus and sensor movement.

So, the rumors are based on the orders of these veryengines. Mitsumi and Alps supply them for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but Apple is now ramping up production and partnering with other manufacturers such as Audix, Zhonglan Electronic Technology, JCT Electronics and GYZ Electronic Technology.

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