Rumor: Microsoft will introduce a paid subscription to Windows 10

Rumors have appeared online that Microsoft is going to start distributing Windows 10 through a paid subscription. System

will be included as part of the Microsoft 365 Office suite.

What a beast

Microsoft 365 is a set of web servicesintegrating Microsoft software and services based on the Microsoft Office platform. This package is also available to regular users via subscription. Recently, the German publication WindowsUnited, citing its sources, started a rumor that the corporation plans to include the Windows 10 operating system there.


There is no information about the price and additional conditions yetinformation, only some exclusive functions are mentioned. The source reports that those users who have not yet activated their system will be able to subscribe. This means that if you're already running Windows 10, you won't have to pay any additional fees.

Microsoft may reveal more details in the spring of 2020, but this information should be treated solely as a rumor.