Rumor: Resident Evil 8 will send players to the mountains to new enemies, shadow instead of Tyrant and zombie wolves

Last week, Aesthetic Gamer insider revealed that Capcom has restarted the development of Resident Evil 8. Now

source Biohazard Declassified shared with the publication the first details about the game.

What they say

Journalists received a letter from an anonymous whoreferred to own sources. The report said that Resident Evil 8 will receive a different, more “smart” name. Testing of the project began last year, and the main character was chosen Ethan, who saved his girlfriend in Resident Evil 7.

According to the source, the game will begin invillage, and end in a classic castle for the series. It is worth noting that in February 2019, another insider prophesied that the actions of the eighth part will take place on the island. According to new information, it will be a highland in Europe. A previous source also said that Capcom decided to return to third-person view, but according to Biohazard Declassified in Resident Evil 8 they will leave the camera in the first person.

As for the enemies, gamers will again beFight zombies, not weird mutants. There will also be “wolf-like creatures” and the shadow of a girl who will chase the player like a Tyrant. With the canonical universe, the eighth part will be associated with Chris Redfield, whose role is still unknown.

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