Rumor: Sony will release Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as early as 2021 for the PlayStation 5

Judging by the sales, Marvel’s Spider-Man was a success. Sony is not used to throwing successful exclusives, so the way out

the sequel has become a matter of time, which can be decided earlier than players think.

What is known

Sony has not yet announced the projectofficially, but the first details were shared by the former senior editor of Game Informer Imran Khan. During the Kinda Funny Gamescast podcast, presenters began discussing the best PlayStation 4 exclusives, predicting sequel releases. When it came to the contingent Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Khan said he knew too much to speculate, but the game should be expected already in 2021.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, I think, will not be releasedstart [PS5], but it could be the Christmas release of 2021 ... I know too much, so I can’t talk too much. I believe that Spider-Man 2 will appear earlier than we think, ”Khan said.

The ex-editor added that when he saw sales,Insomniac Games could begin developing a sequel shortly after the release of the first part. Because gamers do not have to wait a long time for the game. At the same time, Sony can release the game only for the PlayStation 5, since the console will appear on the shelves already at the "holidays of 2020".

Recall that Marvel’s Spider-Man has become the mostfast-selling PlayStation exclusive. So, in the first three days after release, the game sold 3.3 million copies, overtaking God of War (2018), which was bought by 3.1 million gamers over the same period.

Sony even used Marvel’s Spider-Man todemonstrating download speeds in the PlayStation 5. At a closed presentation, the company showed that the next-generation console loads levels in the game in 0.83 seconds, while the PS4 Pro does the job in 8 seconds.

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