Rumor: the new MacBook Air will be as colorful as the iMac

At the end of last month, Apple introduced the iMac monoblock, the main feature of which was not only

proprietary M1 chip, but also 7 different colors to choose from. It should now be followed by the MacBook Air.

What is known

Reported by well-known insider John Prosser(Jon Prosser), who has repeatedly published reliable information about Apple's novelties. According to him, the same source who accurately gave him information on the first color iMac told him that he recently saw a prototype of a blue MacBook. However, Prosser says its source was "very mysterious," and he speculates it is the upcoming M2-powered MacBook Air.

Thus, the new MacBook Air can get the same color palette as the iMac computer. Whereas in the current line there are only three colors available: gray, gold and silver.

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In addition, the new MacBook Air is rumored to be thinner and lighter. Its official announcement is expected in the second half of this year.

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