Rumor: Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 release with 108 MP camera and 90 Hz display will be delayed for two months

The official release of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is just around the corner and numerous leaks about the future have begun to appear online

flagship. The latter revealed important technical characteristics and the likely release date.

What is known

Famous insider Mukul Sharmapublished an advertising poster for Xiaomi on his Weibo page. It may depict either the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha or the Mi Mix 4. Both smartphones should be released on the same day and, according to the source, it will be November 15, 2019. Earlier leaks reported that the flagships will be released on September 24, along with EMUI 11 and Mi9 Pro 5G.

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It also became known that Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will receive90 Hz waterfall display with 2K resolution and a camera with a 100 MP sensor made by Samsung. The front sensor will be retractable, as seen in the latest premium smartphones. Inside the ceramic case there will be an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor along with 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal flash memory. 5G support is expected.

Xiaomi will announce the official date of the announcement this month.

Do you know that

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