Rumor: Xiaomi will present its first smart watch with Wear OS on board this month

We have already written that Xiaomi is working on its first smart watch controlled by the operating system.

Wear OS systems. Now new details about them and the estimated announcement date have appeared online.

What is known

According to the Chinese edition of IT Home, Xiaomi smart watches can be announced at the end of this month. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet officially confirmed this information.

The watch is credited with a round OLED display, as well as a processor for wearable electronics. Most likely, this will be the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset.

If you believe the leaks, the device will also receive an NFC module for contactless payments, eSIM support, 4G LTE, the Always-On Display function and 1 GB of RAM.

The watch may enter the market under the name Xiaomi Mi Watch. They will work together with the Mi Wear companion app.

Do you know that

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