Rumors: Huawei will sell smartphones from other manufacturers in its stores

Huawei may start selling third-party smartphones in its branded stores.

Codenamed “Monica,” the device will be on sale in Huawei's offline stores from August 20, according to the latest information circulating on the Chinese social network Weibo.

It is currently unknown if this device belongs to Huawei or if it is a third party brand. Information about the price and technical characteristics of the device has not been disclosed at the moment.

At the moment there is no information aboutsmartphone or other Huawei device with similar markings. Thus, it can be assumed that the Chinese tech giant will promote other brands in its stores and make them available through partnerships or the like.

It is unlikely that Huawei will provide suchservices to such large manufacturers as, for example, Xiaomi. The Chinese tech giant is likely to sell models to network operators and smaller vendors. The device, codenamed Monica, can be represented by any local brand in China, but is powered by Huawei technologies such as HarmonyOS.

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Source: huaweicentral

Images: huaweicentral

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