Rumors: Motorola X Phone will allow you to choose the configuration "by itself"?

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For several days now, if not weeks, the network has been filled with rumors about a mysteriousMotorola X Phone, however the most

The last one was the most interesting.Still, the ability to choose the smartphone configuration during the order to receive a device that suits your needs &#8211; such an event could explode the market and at the same time return Motorola to its former glory under the Nexus banner (otherwise it’s not comme il faut to buy a mobile equipment manufacturer for the sake of patents).

While dreamers are already thinking about makinga list that will certainly include 100,500-core processors, cameras, batteries and similar wonders of fantasy, realists will ask: “Why would such a fantastic rumor suddenly arise?” The funny thing is that Guy Kawasaki &#8211; former Apple evangelist and current Motorola advisor &#8211; published a very ambiguous question on his Google+ page: &#8220;Wouldn’t it be nice to choose the configuration of your phone?&#8221;. As an analogy, he cited an advertisement for a Porsche car that can be &#8220;customized&#8221; for yourself, choosing the ones you need from a rather large list of offered options and settings (we recommend watching it, it shows the process of creating some components of the car and, in particular, the interior). Only on May 15, during the Google I/O conference, will we find out whether Guy bullied everyone or not.

A source:Android and Me