Russia has found a way to use "sanctions" music and films

Vedomosti learned that the Russian authorities want to introduce a temporary procedure for fulfilling obligations under

licensing contracts to right holders from the so-called "unfriendly countries". This will allow the use of “sanctioned” music and films in Russia. Discuss

If the temporary order is accepted, then the Russianlegal entities and individuals that have licensing contracts with copyright holders from countries that have imposed sanctions will have to make payments to a ruble account specially created for this purpose in a bank of Russia. These payments will go through even for those objects of intellectual property that are prohibited from being used in the country. This will allow Russian licensees to fulfill their obligations to partners.

The source explained that such a measure is introduced forin order to enable theaters, cinemas, video services to use objects of foreign intellectual property. In addition, this will allow not to violate the rights of licensors from "unfriendly countries". This will all be in effect until the lifting of sanctions (if it happens).