Russia is ahead of other countries in the creation of an electric plane

The Foundation for Advanced Study (FPI) said that Russian developers are 3-5 years ahead of foreign ones in

creation of an electric plane. The ground test stage of such an aircraft has recently passed.

According to TASS, the tests took place on Friday atNovosibirsk. The aircraft was the first in the world to receive a superconducting electric aircraft engine as part of a hybrid installation. It is built on the basis of the Yak-40 aircraft. This 500 kW engine was developed by the Superox company.

The FPI said that the Russian unified systempower supply and electric propulsion using superconductivity technologies are unique in the world. The foundation claims that Russia is the leader in the development of electric aircraft in the world.

Now Russia has to develop the technologycreating a fully electric aircraft. The first regional passenger aircraft with a hybrid power plant will be made by specialists from the PI Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Tupolev and Superox companies.