Russia is developing a farm for growing flies on the ISS

With the help of our equipment, it is possible to deliver biological objects (at least several hundred) to the ISS and their

cultivation during flight with the ability to control temperature and humidity. The equipment is also equipped with parameter registration and video recording functions.

Alexey Logunov, Special Design Bureau at the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The initiative was named "Mutagenesis". A dedicated fly farm is currently under development and is scheduled to be delivered into orbit next year.

According to the scientist, the researchers are now testing and preparing prototypes of the equipment. Logunov says flight samples will be manufactured in December 2021.

Also, the initiators of the project note that the small size, short life cycle and ease of cultivation make it possible to use a number of Drosophila species as exemplary objects for genetic research.

The farm is to be delivered to the ISS in 2022.

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