Russia until 2021 will launch 56 civilian satellites. And even the Martian landing gear!

Since the beginning of 2019, Roscosmos has already launched three civilian spacecraft into orbit - a navigation

the Glonass-M satellite, the Progress MS-11 cargo spacecraft and the Soyuz MS-12 manned spacecraft.

Until the end of this year, the Earth’s orbit should also19 more spacecraft will appear - four Soyuz, three Progress, six Glonass satellites, the Spectr-RG astrophysical observatory, Meteor meteorological, Express telecommunications, two Gonts-M communications and meteorological "Electro-L".

In 2020, according to the program, will be in orbit17 satellites were launched - the multipurpose laboratory module "Science", two "Soyuz", five "Progress", natural resource "Resurs-P", meteorological satellite "Arktika-M", "Meteor", "Gonets", Martian landing device " ExoMars and four Glonass.


The paper notes that in the last yearRoscosmos should launch another 20 vehicles into space - Resurs-P, two Soyuz, three Progress and Gonza-M, Meteor, a Luna-Globe lunar landing gear, remote radar satellites Earth sounding "Obzor-R" and "Condor-FCA", "Electro-L", "Express-AMU" and five "Glonassov."

Earlier, HITEC analyzed in detail the history of Roscosmos and the plans of the Russian space program for the following years.