Russia wants to ban iPhone sales

The situation in the global mobile market is beginning to become unstable. This time, Apple's position turned out to be precarious

iPhone in Russia, where lastweek, the lower house of the Russian parliament passed a new law that prohibits the sale of certain devices that do not have Russian software pre-installed.

The fate of the iPhone in Russia

According to BBC, the law will enter into force in year (2020). Before this happens, the Russian government will announce a list of vulnerable gadgets and specific software that must be installed on these devices. Naturally, this means that some smartphones, including the Apple iPhone, may be banned from sale in the country next summer.

Nowadays, most smartphones havepre-installed applications. Oleg Nikolaev, one of the co-authors of the legislation, explained that many Russians are not aware that there are domestic alternatives to apps that are pre-loaded on phones imported into the country. Nikolaev said: “When we buy complex electronic devices, they already have separate applications, mostly Western ones, pre-installed on them. Naturally, when a person sees them … he may think that there are no internal alternatives. And if, along with pre-installed applications, we also offer their Russian alternatives to users, then they will have the right to choose.”

The new Russian law did not receive universalapproval in Russia. Many are concerned that the software will be used to spy on consumers. And the Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Household Appliances and Computer Equipment (RATEK) said that it might not be possible to preload the software developed in Russia on all devices. For example, on the same iPhone. As a result, some global manufacturers may be forced to leave the Russian market. Given that Apple’s iOS mobile operating system is closed, it is unlikely that the iPhone will be offered with previously downloaded unknown Russian software.

Statcounter data shows that according toas of last month, Samsung had the largest smartphone market share in Russia — 22.04%. In second place is Huawei — 15.99%, followed by Apple. The iPhone's market share in Russia in October was 15.83%. This is all news for now…