Russia will develop a space vacuum cleaner for cleaning the ISS

The space vacuum cleaner currently in use, according to astronauts, is too noisy and ineffective. RKK

Energia plans to spend about 30 million rubles on the development of a new cleaning device; it is planned that the vacuum cleaner will last seven years.

New vacuum cleaner must withstand up to 500 hourswork and have at least six tips: two round, one longitudinal, slotted and flexible movable, according to the description of the competition. The weight of the device should not exceed 12 kg, and dimensions - 445x300x295 mm.

To carry the vacuum cleaner and secure it in an objectthe body should be equipped with handles and straps (removable), allowing, if desired, to fix the vacuum cleaner on the operator’s back during cleaning.

RSC Energia

Earlier, Russian engineers from the NPO "Android Technique" completed the design of the robot "Teledroid", capable of performing maintenance and repair of devices in open space.