Russia will equip the frigates of the project "22350" 48 cruise missiles "Caliber"

The frigates of the project "22350" are free to operate at a distance of 500–1,000 nautical miles from the coast (926–1 852 km)

. Now in service with the Russian Navy there are 14 such ships.

Engineering engaged in the NorthernDesign Bureau (PKB). As a result of modernization, the displacement of frigates will increase to 7 thousand tons, and in their arsenal, in addition to the "Caliber", hypersonic Zircon missiles will appear.

Previously, the US Navy in the coming yearscan order the development of four new classes of robotic ships. As part of this strategy, the Navy plans to order the development of three types of robotic ships. Among them are a heavy robotic aircraft carrier, an average robot for conducting electronic warfare, a small robot miner and a miniature reconnaissance ship.