Russia will resume the production of cars "Moskvich", "Volga" and "Victory"

Over the past couple of months, the Russian car market has changed a lot. Not only was there a big emphasis

made on cooperation with Chinese companies, and very soon an unexpected player will appear on it.

We are talking about the Iranian Iran Khodro, whichwill be engaged in the production of low-cost cars under the revived domestic brands Moskvich, Volga and Pobeda. At the moment there is not much information about the project. It is not even known which models of which manufacturers will form the basis of the updated classic.

Internet sources and a number of media write thatThe modern model KMC J7 of the private Iranian company Kerman Motor can become a Moskvich. However, it is worth clarifying that this car is a localized Chinese Sehol A5 Plus sedan. And it is already being produced by KAMAZ's partner, JAC.