Russia will start producing chips and microcircuits in space

Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

Alexander Nikiforov, chief designer of the project, said that before 2023, Russia will test a pilot plant for growing semiconductors in space. Discuss

It is planned to grow the material on the ISS using the methodmolecular beam epitaxy, which requires such vacuum characteristics as in space. At the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023, complex tests will be carried out, in which the prototype will dock with the ISS mock-up and its performance will be checked in the standard ISS system.

In the production of a flight sample, the installation willtransferred after checking the connection to the equipment, when it will be clear that all "circuits understand each other." The Rocket and Space Corporation Energia will be engaged in production. The facility for growing semiconductors is a joint project of RSC Energia and the ISP SB RAS.

The materials that will be grown on the ISS are planned to be used in microelectronics and photonics.

“Together with RKK we made a preliminary design.The spacecraft will fly away from the ISS quite far, carry out technological regimes, and return. Reboot on the ISS - finished products are removed, and the source materials for the next batch are unloaded, ”said Alexander Nikiforov.