Russia will test "smart" shells for the "Terminator"

Russia in April will test "smart" shells with remote detonation for the cannons of a tank support combat vehicle

(BMPT) Terminator.

State tests will begin on April 1.They will last eight to nine months. After that, the stage of paperwork will begin. By the end of 2022, the shells will be fully ready, said Yuri Nabokov, general director of the NPO Pribor ammunition developer.

It is reported that two 30mm2A42 automatic cannons have 900 rounds of ammunition. Shells with remote detonation should help in hitting protected targets, for example, enemy "manpower" in trenches, sheltered anti-tank systems and even aircraft.

Russian developers applied a simplelaser controlled detonation system. The projectile has an optical sensor, and when it is at the desired point, it is undermined by the vehicle's fire control system. This approach is also cheaper than the foreign one.