Russian authorities switched to computers with domestic software

The Kommersant publication, citing Astra Linux, reported that representatives of the Ministry of Internal

of the affairs of the Russian Federation, about 1.4 billion rubles were spent on the purchase of computers operating on the basis of the domestic operating system.

So, according to the company, the Ministry of Internal Affairs bought from the RussianTegrus has about 31,000 Astra Linux software licenses. According to the source, each of the purchased licenses could cost the authorities 5.9 thousand rubles, which, in turn, is cheaper than Windows. In addition, it is noted that for government agencies, data security is a priority, rather than the implementation of complex technical tasks.

At the moment, the company is conducting a remotetraining to support the operating system for system administrators of the ministry. So, at the first stage, 135 employees across Russia were successfully trained, while a total of three waves of training were planned.