Russian banks will oblige to register new clients in applications only through face scans

Kommersant learned that the Russian central bank intends to oblige banks to register new customers in their

applications using identification through a single biometric system (UBS). If the bank does not do this, it will not be able to issue loans and open deposits in the application. Discuss

The journalists got acquainted with the draft of the Central Bank “On the Criteriafor mobile applications of banks with a universal license…”. It follows from this that banks will be able to issue loans and open deposits through their application only if the application registers new customers by identifying them through the EBS.

It is noted that the new rules may beginoperate in August. Banks will have to improve mobile applications. According to the executive director of the National Payment Association, Maria Mikhailova, 10-15 million rubles will have to be spent on this. The head of the National Payment Council, Alma Obayeva, added: “Not everything is going smoothly with security in a single biometric system, and market participants have spoken about this more than once.” She believes that, apparently, "the state really needs citizens to hand over their biometric data."

Recall that in the Unified Biometric System, the voice and face of a person are used for identification.