Russian bombers showed successful dodging

Russian Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 bombers have shown successful evasion from the strike. This was verified during

exercises in the Amur region.

The exercise was held under the leadership of the commander of long-range aviation, Lieutenant General Sergei Kobylash, according to the Ministry of Defense.

Strategic crews during trainingTu-95MS missile carriers and Tu-22M3 long-range bombers worked out evasion from a conventional enemy’s strike. In addition, military pilots rehearsed a flight from deployment points to operational airfields. Effective methods were also honed for the use of weapons of destruction against targets - targets of a conditional enemy.

It is reported that more than 20 participated in flightsunits of aviation technology. In addition, the support units worked out their tasks at the exercises. They restored the airfield cover after a conditional enemy strike, serviced and prepared the planes for the second flight.