Russian cyber group Killnet blocked the work of the American defense company Lockheed Martin

The Russian hacker group Killnet announced to the American defense company Lockheed Martin the real

cyber war, promising that the manufacturer of weapons, including MLRS HIMARS, supplies them to Ukraine. Discuss

This was told by the founder of the hackergroups under the nickname KillMilk in their Telegram channel. Hackers began attacking the Lockheed Martin website on August 1st. As a result, the site was hacked and the data of employees, as well as all candidates for work in the company, were downloaded.

In addition, Killnet hacked the authorization systemfor employees and even some NASA services. At the same time, Killnet said that they had no claims directly against NASA, but the agency must still be punished for “helping terrorists.”

Also, experts noted that Lockheed Martin restored the systems, but the data of employees did not.