Russian doctor explains why it is useless to close people at home to fight coronavirus

The chief physician of Invitro-Siberia, Andrei Pozdnyakov, explained the uselessness of long-term self-isolation in the fight against

coronavirus. Discuss

As the doctor explained, there are more and moreevidence that coronavirus, especially the "delta" strain, is a breakthrough infection. “That is,“ it will break through any gap ”and sooner or later will cover everyone who has not come into contact with it, and those who have come into contact will be re-infected too,” the doctor explained. That is why, in his opinion, any options for long-term and global isolation are meaningless.

At the same time, in order to reduce the pacespreading the disease and relieving the burden on hospitals, a temporary "child lockdown" can be introduced. However, after its completion "everything will return to normal," Pozdnyakov concluded.

October 25 in six Russian regions beginsthe period of non-working days introduced by local authorities in order to stop the spread of coronavirus infection. This decision was made by the heads of the Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod, Samara and Kursk regions, as well as the Perm Territory. Non-working days there will last at least until November 7.

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Source: RIA Novosti