Russian engineers are developing a camera to detect oxygen leaks on the ISS

The development of the device has been going on for two years - laboratory tests of the layout are being carried out now,

If successful, the institute will start production of the first full-fledged copy of the device.

If Roskosmos approves the project, the Space Research Institute (IKI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences will be involved in its production, Sachkov specified.

We are now doing an ultraviolet camera for the ISS. She looks for leaks at the station itself, if there is some leakage of the compartments and there is a leak of oxygen from the station, its camera is determined. The laboratory model was made by us, and I think we will order a flight model somewhere, perhaps, at IKI. We have the necessary equipment for small tools, but we haven’t produced anything in our flight.

Mikhail Sachkov, INASAN

August 30, 2018 it turned out that the suddenThe drop in pressure on the ISS was due to the appearance of a 2 mm hole in the skin of the Soyuz orbital spacecraft, where astronauts arrived at the station in June. Then it was officially announced that the malfunction did not carry a mortal threat to the astronauts, no other leaks or damage were found.