Russian engineers have begun to manufacture the hull for the ship "Federation"

The first test flight of the Federatsiya spacecraft, which will replace the Soyuz spacecraft in the delivery of cargo and people to the ISS,

and in the future should fly to the moon, will take place in 2022.The first tests in unmanned mode, during which the spacecraft will go to the ISS, will take placein 2023, with astronauts on board in 2024.

According to the source agency, the ship's hull will be made of aluminum - despite the fact that previously Roscosmos announced plans to create a ship for 80% of composite materials.

The Experimental Machine-Building Plant, which is part of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, ordered the manufacture of an aluminum hull for the first spacecraft at the Arkonic SMZ enterprise in Samara.

Source RIA Novosti

Recently, engineers from NPP Zvezda, by order of Roskosmos, created a prototype of chairs for the Federation, while the ship itself has not yet been fully built.

Earlier it was reported that Russia can changefunction of the legendary spacecraft "Soyuz", making it a ship that will carry out international missions to explore the moon.