Russian hackers attacked Lithuanian government websites

Hackers from the Russian cyber group Killnet in response to Lithuania's continued blockade of the Kaliningrad region

carried out a mass attack on the websites of the state structures of the country. Discuss

Among the attacked are many important resources - frompower to financial. Thus, Killnet blocked the work of the websites of the Lithuanian police, the state tax inspection under the Ministry of Finance, the information infrastructure of oil and gas ports and street surveillance cameras. At the same time, sites open, but it is impossible to use their services. In total, about 1000 resources were attacked.

Killnet themselves had previously warned the Lithuanian authorities that if the blockade of the Kaliningrad region continued, they would attack the country's public sector in 48 hours.

According to some reports, at the moment Killnet has seriously disrupted the work of about 70% of Lithuanian sites.