Russian military equipped with communication vehicles with drones

It became known that the first deliveries of cars equipped with drones, imperceptible in urban conditions, were already

entered on for the operation of the Russian Guard.

It is reported that the machines are designed onFord Transit transport base, so they are endowed with a carrying capacity of up to 3.5 tons. In addition, the increased power of the generator is noted as the advantages of this base. The body of the equipment room is equipped with three workplaces, which housed not only laptops, but also printing devices with various functions, telephones and video telephones, due to which the military will be able to conduct video conferences, the speed of which reaches one gigabit per second.

Externally, the machine is equipped with four panoramiccameras, due to which the absence of blind spots is ensured. In addition, at the time of recording suspicious objects, an additional rotating camera with a 30x zoom is provided. The machine is also equipped with a professional quadrocopter, which is regulated by the operator.