Russian military will receive a new batch of weapons system

Representatives of the press service of the Western Military District said that this year the Leningrad army of the Armed Forces

The air defense will be equipped with a batch of self-propelled anti-aircraft missile-gun complex land and sea-based “Shell-S”.

”As part of the state defense order inIn January 2020, the unification’s troops are scheduled to receive another batch of special equipment - the Pantsir-S self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and cannon system, ”the official press service of the Western military district said. It’s known that at the moment the entire army has already passed all the necessary training activities for the latest weapons system.

Recall that just yesterday it became known aboutequipping the Airborne troops of Russia with new means of landing military equipment. It is known that today the first deliveries of parachute-strapdown systems PBS-950U and PBS-955 have already begun.