Russian official warns of wave of data leaks

Chairman of the Board of the Digital Economy Development Fund German Klimenko during an interview at the forum

"Army-2022" said that now there is a wave of data leaks and this problem will grow. Discuss

Klimenko noted that cyber threats concern not only Russia, it happens all over the world, but the problem is not in infrastructure protection errors, but in how quickly it can be fixed.

In this regard, he stressed that in our country, in the United States, Israel, and China, not everything is so bad. Some countries are worse.

The expert said that no matter how the infrastructure is protected, there are no guarantees that there will be no data leakage situations.

“This is not a Russian problem, this is a problemworld, and it will only grow. There is no reason to believe that we have already reached the peak. Now there is a wave of data leaks, everyone is trying to figure out how to deal with it ... And, probably, one of the most important tasks now is the integration of hardware, the integration of software, ”said Herman Klimenko.