Russian operators began to offer 1000 rubles for switching to them with their number

Two operators at once - GPB Mobile and Tinkoff Mobile began to offer 1000 rubles for porting a number from another

companies to them. Discuss

Tinkoff Mobile promises that the number will berescheduled for eight days. After that, the money will be sent to the balance. GPB Mobile offers approximately the same conditions: 1000 rubles when switching with your number, and also the opportunity to receive a discount on a subscription fee of up to 70% as part of the Be Together loyalty program in some regions.

In addition, GPB Mobile is launching new tariffs.From March 15, the regions where they are available will be joined by Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, as well as the Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk, Orenburg, Samara, Saratov, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen regions, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, YaNAO and Altai Territory. The company offers a doubling of the tariff package to new subscribers in the first month after connection, an unlimited Telegram messenger, as well as the action of minute packages for calls throughout Russia.

Source: AbloudRealtime, GPB Mobile